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350k+ hyper-creative AI photos created in total

7000+ hyper-quality AI photos created daily

300+ hyper-diverse styles to make your 1st photo

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Use HyperBooth for your Studio and Artistic Photo needs

350,000+ photos created

Curate production-ready creative AI photos for your professional or social media profiles, personal or work projects, or simply for fun or lifestyle! Explore diverse photo styles like anime, travel, fashion, graduation, vintage, headshots, digital art, party and more!

Upload one selfie to create photorealistic AI images

Repurpose a single selfie into multiple hyper-quality AI photos in just one click. Simply choose your preferred photo style, upload a selfie and watch the magic of artificial intelligence unfold at hyper-speed!

Input Photoai selfie woman

Design your own photo styles using text-to-image

Let your creativity run wild! Create unique AI art by simply describing the photo style you want using a text prompt and watch AI transform the text to image. Upload a selfie to personalize the subject and make the AI images uniquely yours.

Choose from 300+ photo styles

With our preset photo styles, you don't need to do any of the hard work of writing prompts or setting parameters. Almost instantly, you could create the perfect AI photos for every occasion and project.

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Customer Reviews

Happy customer : John Wilson, Marketing ProfessionalJohn Wilson

Marketing Professional

HyperBooth.Ai transformed my professional image! With its advanced AI technology, I now have headshots that rival those of a high-end studio. The process was so simple, and the results exceeded my expectations.
Happy customer : John Wilson, Marketing ProfessionalAbigail Hana

Equity Researcher

HyperBooth has exceeded my expectations! The sleek design and intuitive interface made customizing professional photos a breeze. Its responsiveness across devices ensures a seamless user experience. Thank you for such a fantastic product!
Happy customer : John Wilson, Marketing ProfessionalEdward Davis

Software Engineer

I used HyperBooth to create professional images for my portfolio and couldn't be happier with the results. The process was smooth and user-friendly, and the image quality is outstanding—crisp, clear, and polished. The customization options perfectly matched my style.

Best Aragon, PFP AI photo alternative

Looking for the best AI image generator and thinking Aragon vs PFP?
HyperBooth is the best AI image generator transforming your selfies into realistic portraits and AI art with speed and accurate results

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Generator B

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Image Generator for realistic headshots?

HyperBooth is a cutting-edge AI headshot generator. It‘s so simple to use! You can get realistic AI headshot in just 3 steps:

  • Choose 1 photo style from a list of preset styles.
  • Personalize your AI photos by uploading your selfie, choosing a gender and the aspect ratio.
  • Wait just less than 1 minute for your AI photos to be generated!

You can also write a text prompt to design your own photo style and create your own unique AI image.

What technology does HyperBooth use?
HyperBooth is powered by our proprietary generative AI multi-modal foundation model, built and trained in-house by our leading team of AI researchers and engineers.
What makes HyperBooth different from other AI image generators?
Unlike other AI image generators, HyperBooth only requires users to upload one single image, only takes 30 seconds to generate an AI image and requires no prior AI or coding knowledge or skills.
What type of photo/selfie should I upload to create the AI photo?

Here are some guidelines on uploading the right input photo:

  • Uploaded image should be a frontal portrait of a person.
  • Uploaded image should not have more than one person.
  • Face area in the Uploaded image should not be too small.
  • Facial features should be clear (not covered by sunglasses, mask, cap etc.).
  • Facial expressions should be natural.
  • Avoid uploading images with too much nudity.
  • Uploaded image should not be fuzzy.
How long does it take to create AI photos on HyperBooth.Ai?
Based on our current processing capability, it takes about 30 seconds for each generation of 4 AI photos, and you could have multiple concurrent generations!
What will you do with selfies/photos that I upload?
We only use your uploaded photos to create AI photos for you. We do not share or store your images. You can find out more about our Privacy Policy.
Can I use HyperBooth.Ai for free? What do I gain from a paid subscription?

Every user gets 5 free generation attempts per day (~20 AI photos) on the first 7 days after signing up. Our paid subscribers get extra benefits:

  • More credits to generate more AI images
  • Faster AI image generation
  • Upscaling your AI images
  • Ability to do multiple concurrent generations
Where can I use HyperBooth.Ai photos?

HyperBooth takes realistic AI headshots and photoshoot images, so if you‘re looking at your next LinkedIn photo or a profile picture for your CV, you can get great looking professional photos for yourself in a single click.

HyperBooth is also great in maintaining character consistency and this is especially useful for anyone creating AI influencers, AI cartoon character illustrations, comics or storyboards.

Can I create my own unique AI art on HyperBooth.Ai?

HyperBooth hosts over 300+ pre-trained photo styles for users to explore. We also offer free text-to-image (Custom Style feature) that you can use to create stunning AI art of anything you can imagine.

How can I get involved in the HyperBooth.Ai community?

We‘re active on social media and love to see your unique AI art made with HyperBooth. Follow us @hyperbooth_ai on Instagram/TikTok/X or use the hashtag #HyperBoothAI to share your artwork, collaborate, interact and connect with other amazing AI artists. We also share tips and tricks, post blogs and competitions on our pages. Join the community to inspire your next art piece.